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The only city to break the top ten in a ranked list of the world's most visited cities is NYC, coming in at number eight, beaten by the likes of London, Paris, and Hong Kong.

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New York has it all. There are famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Times Square. There are renowned venues for world-class entertainment, like the Broadway Theater District, Radio City Music Hall, and Carnegie Hall. Visitors can window shop on Fifth Avenue, New York's premier shopping area, and, if so inclined, make a purchase at one of the flagship stores of top designers like Cartier and Tiffany. There are famous museums and art galleries. And, of course, New York City has some of the world's finest hotels and restaurants.

Offering travelers from all over the world a glimpse of big city life, providing access to world-class food and accommodations, and hosting events and attractions that draw the attention of millions, the five cities we've just explored truly deserve their rankings in the top 100 most visited cities in the world.

That wraps up this brief look at five popular US destinations. If you haven't been yet, we hope that you get the chance to experience one or all of these awesome urban vacation spots.

Orlando is on most kidsí bucket lists, what with Disney World, Universal, and all. And yes, the activity-filled city is one of the worldís best destinations for theme parks. But thereís more to it than that. Whether youíre coming for Mickey and Harry or whether youíre after science and culture, Orlando is one of the best places to visit in the U.S. in 2020.

Apartments cheap New York

Letís start with whatís happening at the theme parks in 2020. At Disneyís Hollywood Studios, Galaxyís Edge will have its ďStar Wars: Rise of the ResistanceĒ ride up and running, and in spring, ďMickey and Minnieís Runaway RailwayĒ will open. Epcot is undergoing a major expansion; its confirmed openings for 2020 include a Mary Poppins attraction, a ďRatatouilleĒ-themed ride, and a new nighttime spectacular called ĒHarmonioUS.Ē A new Disney-themed Cirque du Soleil show is coming to Disney Springs in spring 2020, with tickets already on sale.

Over at Universal, a show called ďBourne StuntacularĒ will debut, while Legoland has deemed 2020 the ďYear of the Pirate,Ē with a new hotel and water show to match. Icon Park will debut two thrill rides, including the worldís tallest free-standing drop tower, plus Ole Red, a restaurant by country star Blake Shelton.

About 50 miles east of Orlando, the Kennedy Space Center will be celebrating Apollo 13ís 50th anniversary, and NASAís Mars 2020 mission will launch out of Cape Canaveral in summer. Also in summer, the Orlando Science Center will debut a new exhibit called ďPompeii: The Immortal City.Ē
Related: Orlando Beyond the Theme Parks

In 2020 food news, Orlando is seeing fun eateries open over the course of the year: Camelo Pizzeria on International Drive will serve up Brazilian thin-crust pizza; Sixty Vines will turn out Napa-inspired seasonal cuisine in Winter Park; Normanís is moving from the Ritz-Carlton to Restaurant Row; and chef JťrŰme Bocuseís La CrÍperie de Paris will delight in Epcotís France pavilion.

Where to stay: Orlando has the second-highest number of hotel rooms of any U.S. city, so there are plenty of options, with new properties popping up all the time. Two of 2020ís biggest openings include the JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort & Spa, set to open in March with 516 rooms, a spa, a pool and splash pad, specialty restaurants, and a rooftop terrace where guests can enjoy the theme parksí nightly fireworks. Looking for a budget-friendly option? The 2,050-room, coastal-themed Dockside Inn and Suites will open in 2020 as the second wave of Universalís Endless Summer Resort, with nightly rates starting at $76.

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Enjoy this list of the best passive income ideas, investments, and businesses that make money while you sleep.

Are you looking for the best passive income opportunities to earn you money every month? Here are 43+ Passive Income Ideas. Thatís right! Residual income ideas, investments & businesses that make money while you sleep.
What Is Passive Income?

Iím sure this isnít the first time youíve come across the term passive income. But, like many people, you may be confused as to what it actually is.

Passive income is earnings derived from business ventures which donít require you to be physically present. It could be either real estate, loan lending, or just any business that requires little or no effort to maintain.

Essentially, you will be earning money while you sleep!

For example, if you keep money in a bank account that earns interest, providing you leave the money in the account, youíll be paid interest without you actively doing anything. Although the interest made maybe only 1% in this example, this is still a form of passive income.

Below are a few of my favorite passive income ideas and side hustle ventures that will generate more than 1% interest.
What Side Hustle Businesses Make Money While You Sleep?

Here is a quick overview of passive income ideas and businesses that make money while you sleep:

    High Dividend Paying Stocks
    High-interest saving accounts
    Peer-to-peer lending
    Become an Angel Investor
    Rent Your Spare Room
    Buy a House to Rent
    Buy Into a REIT fund
    Self-Storage Rentals
    E-commerce & Dropshipping
    Start a Blog

Check below for the full list!

And, donít worry, Iíll break down each one of these in greater detail belowÖ

How Much Passive Income Can You Earn?

The truthful answer is there is no limit to how much you can earn.
Iím sure, at some point, youíve come across an advertisement promising to show you a secret way to make $10,000+ by next week. Although this can happen, itís important to know that this is extremely rare; and wonít be the case for most people.

In my experience, how much you earn comes down to 3 things. They are; how much, how long, and what you invested in.

Compound Interest

When the interest of your investments start to earn interest, this is known and compounding.

The more interest you build, the bigger and faster the compounding effect will be. This is the key to accumulating wealth and building financial freedom; and the secret of the super-wealthy.
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    How to Become Wealthy in 5 Years
    How to Go from Poor to Rich in a Year
    How I Built a $500K-a-Month Business While Traveling the World
    21 Easy Things to Make and Sell From Home for Money

Whatís the difference between Residual Income and Passive Income?

In a nutshell, passive income is the money you earn from an investment or venture, without any or little continuous effort required. This is a popular type of income used to create wealth.

Residual income, on the other hand, is more of a calculation to determine how profitable or income-producing an asset or business venture is, after the labor or financial investment has been paid off.

For example, the money earned from real estate, after itís the property has been built and paid for, is known as residual income.

Therefore, how much residual income you can earn from an investment is often a good indication if the idea is worth your time.

For example, if a passive income opportunity requires a lot of upfront time and money, however, the projected residual income you can earn is low and risky; this may be an idea you want to skip.

The best strategies are the ones that require low investment, yet the long-term residual income is high.

Below you will find a list of innovative passive income business opportunities with the types of residual income required to build long-term wealth and financial freedom.
How To Start Building Passive Income

Streams of Income

Most millionaires have seven streams of income Ė most of which will be passive. Now, Iím not saying to start with seven different streams, but itís good to understand where you need to work towards.

If youíre entirely new to this, one side hustle or source of passive income is always a good place to start.

There are tons of ways to make money while you sleep (passively); some are easy to start, some require more capital, and some require initial effort. Youíll need to figure out which passive income streams are best for you; based on your budget, time, and interest.

If you donít have any money to invest in building passive income, you can relax; many ideas require extremely little money to get started. If youíre broke or in debt, itís always wise to get a job, and pay off any outstanding debts, before you focus on earning passive income.

Learn more about Passive Income

If youíre serious about building wealth & making money while you sleep, passive income is something I would suggest learning more about. Here are a few resources and training programs I found helpful:

    The Rich Dad Summit Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad (one of my favorite financial books), has online training that teaches you how to make money & sustainable passive income for life. Click here to find out more.

    The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss is the book that opened my eyes to generating passive income and a new, smarter way of working. Itís a book that I still refer back to today. Check it out.

    The Knowledge Society is an awesome training resource that will teach you a range of skills and strategies to build wealth and passive income. Click here to join today.

43+ Passive Income Ideas and businesses that make money while you sleep.
43+ Passive Income Ideas & Businesses That Will Make Money While You Sleep

Below I have a list of ways to generate money passively. Some require more effort to get started than others. Some require more money. Iíll share my list of side hustle ideas to make money, but the rest is up to you.
Investing For Passive Income

This is one of the easiest and least-effort-needed ways to generate passive income. Investing is well established, and people have been investing in years.

Yes, itís true Ė You can make a fortune through investing. Just look at Warren Buffet, one of the richest men on earth, who made his fortune through investing.

HOWEVER, unless you have Buffetís balls, and youíre prepared to put in the same work, time, and dedication as him, the chance of you earning the same is slim.

That being said, in my opinion, investing is a relatively low-risk way to make passive incomeÖ

What kind of investment you make and how much you invested will determine how much interest youíll earn.

Itís important to know, some investments will earn you higher interest, but will come with higher risk. Some investments will be safer, but the interest may be a lot lower.

Below are my favorite investments that make money while you sleep.
1. High Dividend Paying Stocks

Investing in high-paying dividend stocks is one of my best ways to make money, and it can be a reliable income source.

When investing in stocks, I prefer to choose reliable businesses that reward their shareholders with high dividend yield. Some of my stock investments pay me up to 10% in dividends every year. Thatís an insane return for 100% a passive income strategy.

I then choose to re-invest my dividend earnings to compound my interest.

On top of these generous payouts, thereís also a possibility that the stock price can rise, increasing my overall value.

Some people have accumulated enough compound interest that they can retire and live solely off their dividend earnings.

Note: Investing in stocks involves risk. So, please take the time to learn, research and invest responsibly
2. High-interest saving accounts

Who would have thought you could get paid for saving your money. If you didnít know, then itís time to stop stashing your money under your mattress and open a high-interest savings account.

Most banks offer interests on their savings account to motivate people to save money.

What you need to do is look for a bank or insurance company that offers high-interest rates. This way, your money will multiply itself without any effort on your part.

Here are a few resources to help you learn more about high-interest saving accounts:

3. Peer-to-peer lending

Banks often have strict measures in place when it comes to offering loans. This usually results in them turning away many businesses or entrepreneurs who are deemed ďtoo riskyĒ by the banks. Peer-to-Peer lending can be an exciting way to make passive income.

With Peer-to-Peer lending, you can lend money to start-up businesses and individuals without imposing strict regulations on them as banks do. There are secure peer-to-peer lending platforms, who will set a friendly interest rate on the amount they will need to pay you back. Just like that, you could earn money while youíre asleep.
4. Become an Angel Investor

Having a business idea is one thing, but getting enough capital to actually open the business is the hardest part.

Becoming an angel investor is soething that the wealthy do a lot.

What they do is they have a list of entrepreneurs and inventors with legit start-up businesses; that are in need of investment.

You can then choose the one you deem has the potential to make it big and invest in it. Youíre investing your money in exchange for a stake or share within the business.

From there, the profits of that business will be shared with you in accordance with the amount of capital you contributed.

Just imagine if you were an angel investor of a start-up such as Facebook or Google!

Note: Becoming an angel investor can result in a great source of passive income; however, it does involve a level of risk that may be too experienced for beginners. It will also require a large amount of money available.
Real Estate Investments That Make Money While You Sleep

Passive Income Opportunities - Rent Your Own Stuff. Picture of a Caravan.

Rent Rent Rent!

You donít have to have an entire property to make some extra cash! There loads of passive income opportunities from renting things you already own. Here are a few ideas:
5. Rent Your Spare Room

Hotel prices arenít always cheap; especially for popular locations and cities.

If you live in a big city or desirable location, thereís a good chance that someone will pay to rent your spare room. Itís a great side hustle to make money, and, with services like Airbnb, it couldnít be any easier.

Airbnb connects people in seek of an affordable place to stay with those who have a spare room to rent.

If youíre looking for an easy source of passive income, and you have a spare room available, give this a try. Here are a few handy resources to help you:

    How to a profitable Airbnb business
    The beginnersí guide to Airbnb hosting

6. Buy a House to Rent

Rental properties are one of the most lucrative businesses that make money while you sleep. This is where you buy a house, duplex, or apartment building and then rent it out to produce income.

If you have enough capital to invest in your own rental property, this can be a great source of monthly income.

If you donít have the funds available, remember, you can always partner with someone who does have the capital or find an investor.

Watch the view below for more information:
7. Buy Into a REIT fund

As I mentioned above, real estate is often an attractive venture, and itís one of my favorite ways to make money while you sleep; however, many lack the capital to invest. If thatís you, there is a fair number of real estate investment companies that are willing to actualize your dream of investing in real estate.

These companies work by gathering groups of small investors who pull money to buy rentable properties. The company will then rent, maintain, and then sell the property to generate profit. The profit earned with then be distributed to the investors according to each individualís amount invested. All you have to do is invest a sum of your disposable income then wait. This is known as a REIT.

To find out more about investing in a REIT, check out this post.
8. Self-Storage Rentals

Self-storage rental units are a great investment opportunity. As our buying habit grows, we all require extra space and storage to store our possessions. As a result, the demand for storage units is rapidly rising,

The best part about investing in storage rentals is that you will hardly ever need to be physically present. This is partly because people who often use your services are looking for a place to put their thing for long periods of time. This makes it one of the most attractive side hustles on this list.

Though it requires capital for buying the actual space and putting up security measures, storage rentals will return your capital in no time.
Passive Income Ideas - Internet Business, Dropshipping & Ecommerce
Internet Businesses That Make Money While You Sleep

If youíre wondering how to make passive income online, this section if for you. Not every online business is a passive income opportunity; however, there are some that can be hugely profitable, scalable, and residual.
9. E-commerce & Dropshipping

With the advanced technology and online platforms available today, setting-up your own e-commerce site is easier than ever before.

How passive things become with e-commerce all depends on what youíre selling and how you manage your store.

Selling your own products means youíll have to manage inventory, production, and expenses. Although this can increase your profit margins, I wouldnít necessarily call this passive income, as it will require a fair bit of attention and effort.

HOWEVER, you donít have to sell your own products. You can re-sell someone elseís products and let them deal with the rest. This is called dropshipping Ė something that has become quite popular recently.

Click here to learn more about dropshipping

Choosing the right platform

Shopify: Whether you decided to sell your own products or someones elseís, youíll need an online store. Shopify has made that easier than ever!

They provide ready-made, professionally designed templates, which means your e-store could be up and running in a matter of minutes.

They can also provide tools such as shopping carts, coupon codes, and various payment processes. Itís no surprise why so many ďprofessional e-commerce sitesĒ are currently using the Shopify platform.

You can start a Shopify store for free today.

ClickFunnels: When it comes to selling a product online, ClickFunnels may be the ultimate weapon to use! The platform has everything you need integrated, and you can build professional sales processes with ease!

The thing I love most about ClickFunnels is the insane level of free training they provide, which will turn you into an eCommerce champion.
Sign Up for FREE ClickFunnels Training

After female entrepreneur, Kaelin AKA Ladyboss, started using ClickFunnels, she changed the lives of over a million women in less than three years.

Kaelin has teamed up with ClickFunnels to offer awesome FREE training, showing exactly how she started out with no tech experience and no product.

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After reading the book Dotcom Secrets by the founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson, discovered the secret to selling online successfully.

Grab your FREE copy of Dotcom Secrets now.
10. Start a Blog

This is another of my favorite ways to make money. And, certainly one of the best types of residual income ideas, in my opinion.

I know itís not the quickest way to start earning passive income, and it does require a bit of upfront work. However, creating a blog that drives niche-specific traffic can turn out to be an automatic money-making machine!

The key to starting a successful blog is to create blog posts that are rich with value and knowledge. In return, youíll build an audience that trusts you and will follow your blog.

Successful blogs who have managed to generate traffic can make a fortune through placing an advertisement and relevant affiliate links across their blog. The awesome part about a blog is the fact you can still generate traffic and earn money from a blog post you wrote years ago. This is what makes a blog so passive Ė over time.
Want to start a blog? Here are a few resources that will help.

    How to Start a New Blog in 15 Minutes or Less
    7 Unique Ways You Can Make Money Blogging on Squarespace
    How to Make Money Blogging Today
    How to Become a Rich Blogger in 7 Powerful Steps

11. Start a YouTube Channel

Think of a YouTube channel as a visual version of a blog.

The principle is the same. Create a YouTube channel, make videos around a specific topic or niche, and drive traffic (views).

Just like a blog, a successful YouTuber has the opportunity to earn ad revenue. Plus, you can promote or review affiliate products.

You can even start a blog and a YouTube account around the same topic to really boost your authority within the niche.

Again, building your content will require effort in the beginning, as you will need to create the video. However, once a video is published, you can potentially receive views and earn money from those videos for years to come.
Suggested Reads

    How Do You Make Money From YouTube?

Watch this video for more information:
12. Design & Sell T-Shirts (Print on Demand)

Another way to earn money while you sleep is by designing awesome graphic t-shirts and selling them to people, either through an online platform such as Shopify or ClickFunnels, or a physical store.

If youíve ever thought about starting your own clothing business, this idea is perfect for you.

For every occasion, community or enthusiast, thereís a t-shirt that can be designed. For example, Star Wars fans would happily purchase a t-shirt relating to the movies.

So, what is print on demand? This is where things become passive! Print on demand is similar to dropshipping; however, instead of selling someone elseís products, youíre selling your own designs.

Platforms such a Printful allow you to upload your custom t-shirt designs, and they will take care of the rest. Thatís right, and they will handle the manufacturing, the shipping, and even the returns. All you have to do is sell a t-shirt.

If youíre thinking of starting your own print on demand t-shirt business, watch this video before:
13. Create & Sell Ebooks Online

The demand for knowledge is higher than ever. And, almost everyone has access to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This is what makes digital ebooks so popular; and one of the most interesting ways to make money on this list.

We all have a skill or subject that we are knowledgeable in, and some else may be willing to pay a small fee for this knowledge.

Itís easier than ever before to create an ebook and get published on a platform like Amazonís Kindle. And once your ebook is published, Amazon will handle the rest.

If youíre good writing and you have the time, you can write your own ebook. If writing is something that doesnít come naturally to you, or you lack the spare time, you can hire a writer to create an ebook for you. Check our sites such as Fiverr and Upwork to find writers.
ur stories.
Passive income is thought to be one of those holy grails in the personal finance world, in that you might think itís this unattainable source of unlimited wealth. Well, both of those things are untrue. Anyone can earn passive income, and the only thing limiting you is the amount of energy and/or money youíre able to invest over time.

What do I mean?

Letís start with thisÖ what is passive income?

Passive income is money you earn in the background. Itís money you arenít currently and actively working to earn.

But, you do have to start turning the wheel.

For example: Last year I created my Facebook Side Hustle Course. I was able to do it after learning how to run those ads, implement them, and then put a ton of hours into creating the course.

Once the course was complete, I started selling. That was also a little active at first, but now I earn money from course sales while I sleep. The initial work was done, and even when my wife and I were on vacation, I woke up in the middle of the night to an email saying the course had sold and money was being deposited into my bank account.

With minimal work (I have to make occasional updates and check in on my students), I can keep selling the course, indefinitely. Thatís passive income.

On the other hand, your current 9-5 job pays you X number of dollars for X amount of work. You have to go to work every day and perform a number of tasks to get said money. You might get some paid time off, but if you just stopped showing up and performing your job, no more money.
Your 9-5 job is trading your time for money.

Creating a course isnít the only type of passive income Ė itís just one of a number of completely legitimate passive income ideas.
Why earn passive income?

Because you generate passive income in the background, you can spend your time and energy on other income earning options. You can set one source in motion and focus on another. This is how you build wealth.

Passive income also protects you if something happens to your main income source. Itís diversifying your income so youíre never completely reliant on one source.
There are two different types of passive income

To start earning passive income, youíll have to put forth a monetary investment or time investment.

Monetary investments are when you put your money to work.

Time investments are when you have to do some upfront work.

You canít start earning passive income without one or both of these. If youíve found some magic unicorn passive income idea that doesnít require one of these (must be legit), youíve gotta tell us. Youíll make a lot of people really happy with that kind of information.

I have 19 passive income ideas in this article, and Iíll be dividing them into those two categories above.

Okay, ready to go?

Letís do it.
Quick Links

    Open a high-yield savings account
    Open a money market account
    Start micro investing
    Invest with an online brokerage
    Refinance your house
    Buy an investment property
    Invest in a REIT
    Try peer-to-peer lending
    Build a CD ladder
    Get cash back for shopping

    Earn credit card rewards points
    Start a blog
    Rent out a room in your house
    Rent out your car
    Start a Youtube channel
    Create an online course to sell
    Start an eCommerce site
    Sell stock photos
    Write an ebook
    My final word on earning passive income

Passive income idea that requires some upfront cash
1. Open a high-yield savings account

High-yield savings accounts are probably going to earn you more than what your bank currently offers, and you usually find these better rates at online banks. Thatís because they donít have the same overhead (branches, tellers, etc.) and can then pass the savings on to customers.

Rather than earning maybe 0.03% back at your current bank, a high-yield account can typically earn you 2% back or more. Itís a small amount, but the interest you earn is passive income.
2. Open a money market account

Money market accounts are really similar to savings accounts, except for a few things:

    Money market accounts often allow you to write checks and access funds via ATMs
    They typically require a higher initial balance
    Your money is invested in financial markets, then earning you more interest

Money market accounts are a good source of passive income if youíre able to let your money sit and grow for an extended period of time. Maybe you want to save up for a down payment on a house? A money market account would be good for that.

Both banks and many investment brokerages have money market accounts, and itís best to find one thatís FDIC insured.
3. Start micro investing

Micro investing has become really popular in the past couple of years because it removes some of the barriers that come with traditional investing. If youíre not familiar, micro investing is:

    Investing with small amounts of money, even spare change
    Itís usually done via an app, like Stash or Acorns

Itís a great way to become familiar with investing, but know that micro investing means micro returns. Youíre not going to retire off of spare change, but those small amounts do add up.

If youíre interested, here are some articles to check out:

    Acorns 2020 Review
    Stash Review 2020︱Worthwhile Investing App or Waste of Time?
    Is Micro Investing Worth it?

4. Invest with an online brokerage

For larger returns, youíll need to invest more money. And, many online brokerages come with low fees, a number of asset classes, and tools to help you get the most out of your investment.

Online brokerages like Charles Schwab, Vanguard, and Fidelity offer:


Depending on what investment vehicle you choose, you either earn passive income via dividends (what companies pay shareholders when they turn a profit) or interest (compound interest is a powerful way to build wealth).
5. Refinance your house

This probably sounds strange at first, but hear me outÖ

Depending on when you purchased your house, you might be able to find a much better rate if you refinance. The money you save is money in your pocket to put towards other passive income ideas.

Hereís an example taking a $150,000 mortgage at a term of 15 years:

    At a rate of 6%, you pay $77,841.34 in interest
    At a rate of 4.5%, you pay $56,548.19 in interest

Thatís $20,000+ that you would have paid if you stuck with your original rate. Refinancing put that money back in your pocket, or the bank.
6. Buy an investment property

This is probably going to take a hefty upfront investment, but rental properties can increase your cash flow with pretty minimal work, especially if you outsource a lot of the work to a property management company.

You will need a bit of a financial safety net for repairs, taxes, and if the property isnít rented. But, you can leverage your earnings to invest in more properties, then increasing your passive income even more.
7. Invest in a REIT

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are how average people invest in commercial real estate. You put in an upfront investment, which can be as little as $500 with a company like Fundrise, and once the project is funded and turning a profit, you get a return.

Since 2014, Fundrise investors have seen returns of 8-12%. Remember, thereís no guarantee on that, but those are pretty good rates considering what $500 in a savings account would yield.

Go here to learn more: Fundrise Review: Commercial Real Estate Investing for All
8. Try peer-to-peer lending

P2P lending as itís often called is a way to crowdsource funds that people might not qualify for through a traditional lender. With a P2P lending company like Lending Club, you can fund a number of loans, like:

    Home buying
    Debt consolidation
    Home improvement
    Credit card refinancing
    Business loans
    Medical expenses
    Moving fees

The premise is actually pretty cool because itís disrupting the current institution that many people with zero to bad credit canít buy into.

But, what about the risk?

The annual default rate with Lending Club is around 6-7% annually, and Lending Club does assess the risk of each investment for you. Itís also suggested that you invest in a number of different loans to mitigate your risks.
9. Build a CD ladder

A CD ladder is when you stagger several different CD so that they mature at different times. Theyíre definitely for the risk-averse, and the idea is that you keep your money pretty liquid while earning slightly more interest than you would with a savings account.

To build a CD ladder, hereís an example of what you would buy:

    6-month CD at 2.00%
    1-year CD at 2.50%
    18-month CD at 2.75%

You buy one of each and when the first one matures, you buy another 18-month CD. In six months, the 1-year would mature and youíd use that for another 18-month CD. You have a ladder in which one of your CDs matures every six months.

If youíre okay with your money not being as liquid, you can stagger these out with a year in between each. Longer CDs earn higher interest rates, so thatís more passive income.

The downside is that you can find better returns with REITs, in the stock market, and even P2P lending. The upside is that itís much less risky.
10. Get cash back for shopping

Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is a company who pays you to shop as you normally would online. Sign up is free, and you go through their portal to shop at over 2,500 different online retailers. Rakuten gets a little commission for sending you to their partner stores, and they give you a little kickback as a thank you.

Rakuten pays you via check or Paypal, and there are no additional fees to use the site.

This is probably one of the easiest and most approachable passive income ideas on this list. That being said, youíre not getting any huge returns Ė you earn 1-4% back on your purchases. Still, that is something.
11. Earn credit card rewards points

Next to investing, this is one of my personal favorite passive income ideas. Let me tell you whyÖ

I use credit cards to pay for as many expenses as I can (bills, groceries, gas, etc.), and then I earn 1-4x points for every dollar I spend, maybe also getting a big sign-on bonus if itís a new card. Then, I use those rewards to pay for travel expenses.

Credit card rewards cards can also pay you cash back, in hotel rewards, etc. You can even use this in combination with a cashback shopping site like Rakuten.

Churning credit cards, travel hacking, and just earning rewards points is only worthwhile if youíre able to pay your credit card balance on time and in full every month. Itís not just bad for your credit score if you donít, interest charges and late fees will more than negate any rewards you earn.
Passive income ideas that require some upfront time or energy
12. Start a blog

Bloggers earn money in a few different ways, and after a lot of work, some of that income can feel pretty passive. And, however passive that income might feel, blogging is not a get-rich-quick schemeÖ canít say that enough.

It took me several months of blogging before I earned a few bucks, and then even longer before I was able to earn what really did feel like passive income (I actually donít think thereís ever 100% passive income for bloggers).

For bloggers, passive-ish income can be:

    Display advertising. These are run through networks like Google Adsense, and you place the ads on your page and get paid based on impressions, clicks, or sales.
    Affiliate marketing. This is when you get a special link for a specific company or product to promote on your page. When someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you are paid for that conversion. It can feel passive because those posts can still generate income even though they were written weeks, months, or years ago. Michelle at Making Sense of Cents has an amazing affiliate marketing course if youíre a blogger and want to learn more. You can check out my review of it here.
    Course sales. For bloggers who become authorities on a specific topic, you can turn that knowledge into a course. Thatís what I did with my Facebook Side Hustle Course and Facebook Ads for Bloggers. The bulk of the work is done in creating the course (and the years you spent beforehand learning about the topic), but it turns passive because you can sell the course indefinitely with pretty minimal work. More on earning passive income from courses sales a little further down.

Each of these sources of income takes a time/energy investment before the cash starts rolling in. What Iíve found is that the more time and energy you put into your blog, the higher your ROI. Itís hard work, but now I canít imagine life without M$M.

If youíre interested in adding this as a source of passive income (gonna take a minute) but need to start a blog first, Launch That Blog is a free service Iíve created to help you with the set-up and installation process of a WordPress blog.

The only thing you have to pay is $2.95 for hosting services through Bluehost. Seriously, thatís it. My team takes care of the rest.
13. Rent out a room in your house

If you live in a big city or tourist destination, listing a room or your entire house on Airbnb can be a nice source of passive income Ė you already have your home and are paying for it, this is just extra cash.

The time investment here is going through the process of listing your room or house and making sure itís clean and ready for visitors. Fortunately, Airbnb manages the reservation and payment process for you.
14. Rent out your car

Similar to Airbnb, you already have a car, why not earn a little something back for it. Thatís where Turo comes in. Itís an online marketplace that connects renters with car owners.

Turo prescreens renters and offers up to $1 million in liability insurance and coverage in the event of theft or physical damage. You get paid 65-85% of the trip price, and they have a Carculator to give you an estimate of what you can earn with your car.

A lot of people earn passive income through Turo to offset their car payments.
15. Start a Youtube channel

My wife recently started a Youtube channel where she shares budget-friendly home decorating tipsÖ our house is beautiful, and I donít understand how she does it. Sheís having a lot of fun, and I love watching her channel grow.

Sheís learning a lot as she goes, but the biggest lesson is that it takes a lot of upfront work. Those high earning YouTubers didnít start earning millions overnight. It took years, and it started slow as blogging does.

YouTubers make money through:

    Selling branded merchandise
    Fan donations

It can feel passive eventually, but the upfront time and energy investment are pretty high.

You can learn more about starting and growing a YouTube channel with Laptop Empires podcast episode How to Grow a YouTube Channel with Talaat McNeely of His & Her Money.
16. Create an online course to sell

My online course sales are one of my largest sources of passive income. The best part is that I genuinely love teaching people how to do things that will actually help them, like how to run a profitable side hustle or bring more traffic to their blogs.

But, I never would have been able to teach those lessons if it werenít for a few years of learning and implementing that knowledge. That time and energy investment made me an expert on those topics and able to teach others what I know.

So, if there is something you already excel in, creating an online course is a really great source of passive income.

Here are a few tips from How to Structure Your Course and Create a System to Sell the Hell out of It All Year Long:

    Your course should be about a topic you know well and feel strongly about
    Make sure itís an in-demand topic, which you can test
    Price it well
    Add a coaching component
    Start using Facebook ads to sell your course
    Add layers to promote your course even more

The Teachable platform is what Iíve used for both Facebook Ads for Bloggers and the Facebook Side Hustle Course. Teachable makes it really easy to add both text and video components, and itís just an easy to use platform for both creators and students.
17. Start an eCommerce site

The three most common types of e-commerce sites are for:

    Selling your own products
    Selling someone elseís products

Setting up a dropshipping site through Shopify is probably the most passive way in the beginning, but youíll probably earn the least this way.

The other two options have higher margins, but it can also take some financial capital in the beginning.

Why would you start an e-commerce site?

If you feel strongly about a product or idea and see a need in the market, then you can earn good money through some hard work and solid marketing skills. Online stores also lack the kind of overhead youíd see with a brick and mortar, which means it takes you less time to turn a profit and you get to keep more of it.

An e-commerce site can become passive once you have everything set up and running. It also helps to outsource some of the tasks like filling and shipping orders, payment systems, website management, etc.
18. Sell stock photos

Stock photo websites like Shutterstock and DepositPhotos take your photos and then pay you money when someone uses them. Depending on the site, hereís how that works:

    You are paid when someone buys access to your photo
    Or, you are paid when someone buys a subscription to the site and uses your photo

Obviously, these need to be high-quality photos, but that doesnít mean you have to be a professional. I know a few amazing photographers who have absolutely zero professional training.

The time component here is that youíll need to take the photos and process them before theyíre ready.
19. Write an ebook

Self-publishing is how newbie authors start without going through the whole process of pitching a book to publishers, working with editors, etc. The barrier to entry is really low, and the profits can be pretty high if you know how to market your book well.

And if it isnít obvious, the time component here is that you have to actually write a book that people will want to read.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform is what a lot of self-published authors use right now, and hereís a really great article about self-publishing.
My final word on earning passive income

I want the biggest takeaway from this to be that there are a ton of legitimate passive income ideas that anyone can try. They all take some kind of investment, and often you get out of it what you put in.

Take blogging. You can earn enough to quit your day job, but you can only do that if youíre willing to work at it for a while with no obvious financial gains.

Even investing, to earn more back, you have to invest more. You have to research and find the right funds. And, you should never believe outrageous claims about bogus returns.

You can also do a number of these ideas at the same time, but it helps if you start one, get a feel for it, and then add another. Often, you can start turning the wheel for a larger source of passive income with the funds youíre earning from a smaller one.
Once your company is up and running, use oneóor moreóof these 9 strategies to make money while you're busy with other projects.
Twitter Icon
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LinkedIn Icon

Think about the way your business runs: You attract prospective clients, convert them to customers, collect their money, cultivate repeat business and encourage customers to refer other prospective clients.

Each of these steps entails specific challenges, and one of your goals as an entrepreneur should be to automate as many of these steps as possible. Automationóimplementing systems that perpetuate your business without your involvementóis the key to generating income while you sleep.

Here are nine ways you can set up your business to earn a profit while you focus your attention elsewhere:
1. Turn yourself into a product.

Once you've found successóor even while you're on the road to itóyou should look for opportunities to promote yourself as a brand. Position yourself as the authority in your niche, and develop products like videos or books that share your secrets of success. The beauty of a book is that once the hard work is overóit's written and edited, and a marketing plan implementedóthen you simply collect proceeds while you move on to your next project. In addition to generating income directly from a book, you'll also discover that your book can dramatically improve the visibility of your brand, boosting sales for your company. Not only will you have created a new revenue stream, but you're widening your existing stream. Win-win!
2. Do fewer things.

It's impossible to automate any part of your business if you insist on doing everything personally. Stop trying to go it alone. You need to train your staff to handle certain aspects of your business, and the best way to accomplish this goal is to simplify your output.

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As you begin to automate processes and as you begin to delegate tasks to your staff, don't forget to ensure your defining characteristics are preserved.

Look at popular fast food restaurants: They basically produce five thingsóburgers, fries, chicken, salad and soda. They package these things differently and sell them in different combinations, but the simplicity is what allows the company to reproduce the menu in locations all over the world and sell its products without requiring highly skilled labor. Identify your strengths and streamline your offerings, focusing on the items that you can train your staff to replicate. As you cull products or services from your offerings, make sure you focus on retaining the most profitable ones. You don't want to streamline so much that you eliminate the big moneymakers in your company. The solution might be as simple as refining your product to a few basic options, with lots of pricy choices for customization. Think about cars, for example. Probably 95 percent of any given car is identical, whether you choose the basic model or the loaded version. The big bucks come from fancy add-ons.
3. Create continuity.

Billing for each product or service you supply is volatile; both your revenue and your client's expenses vary wildly. By selling a subscription at a flat rate, you create a reliable income for your company and provide your clients with predictable expenses. Both parties are invested in maximum efficiencyómaximizing quality and minimizing hassle. It's the ultimate win-win for both you and your clients. And you get bonus points for automating billing. It's easier than ever to take advantage of cloud-based billing and accounting services that integrate all aspects of your company in a way that is far more efficient and cost effective. Don't spend resources on tasks that can be handled automatically. Sell your subscription, automate billing and your satisfied customers simply send you money each month.
4. Sell your system cheap and make money on the refills.

In this instance, we're talking primarily about businesses that produce tangible goods. The best two examples of this business model are single-serve coffee makers and printers. While the devices themselves are relatively cheap, the majority of the profit is in the individual refills for cups of coffee or cartridges of ink. If your machine makes a great cup of coffee or high-quality copies, once consumers own your brand of device, you're practically guaranteed their continued business. People love to feel like they're getting a deal, and by offering discounts on your system, you ensure that happy customers will stay loyal and reorder refills for years to come.
5. Become the middleman.

Find a way to broker business and let other folks do the work for you. Becoming an Amazon affiliate is a great example of this. You link to the site; when Amazon sells something from your links, you make money. There's also a fortune to be made in consolidating and coordinating the transportation of goods. Options like drop shippingówhere you take orders for products you don't personally produceóor reselling on online marketplaces can be great opportunities to participate in profitable industries without the overhead of manufacturing actual products. Always be on the lookout for the opportunity to broker the goods and services you sell.
6. Become a teacher.

I'm not talking about taking a job with summer breaks and parent conferences. Look at your business, and find ways to teach other entrepreneurs how to acquire the skills necessary for opening their own business modeled on yours. Say you own a successful pizza shop. You might think you don't really have the opportunity to cash in on the educational aspects of your expertise, but you'd be flat out wrong. You could write a book or create a series of instructional videos about your family's recipes, or you could market a consumable version of your plan for opening a profitable pizza shop.

An additional benefit of this strategy is that you're positioning yourself as an authority and your name on a book enhances your brand. Use this side benefit of creating your educational product to generate greater consumer awareness for your business.
7. Become an investor.

Money makes money, but it's important that you're careful about how you invest as an entrepreneur. Here's my tip: Look at your clients, and assess their needs. Find a company (in addition to yours) that addresses those needs, and invest there. Not only will you be forging a bond between your company and others that focus on enhancing client relationships, but you're also cementing your position in your customers' minds as the business that caters to their desires. Once you've done the groundwork, you're the good guy who makes money without effort. And an added bonus of thoughtful investing is that you'll forge relationships with other entrepreneurs who may end up broadening your perspectives, giving you insight into different ways to approach running a profitable business. There's no one right way to do everything, so learning from the people you invest in makes good sense.
8. Think global.

Maybe you're a small retailer who caters to members of your community. Or perhaps you're that successful pizza shop owner. No matter what your industry or area of expertise, there's a big wide world out there with people who will buy what you're selling. Your retail shop could expand by adding a website where goods can be purchased online. That means you could literally have orders rolling in while you're sleeping. In your book about opening a successful pizza shop, you could include a chapter on customizing your pizza startup to cater to the desires of different cultures. The key is just to expand your thinking to include as many people around the world as possible. Don't limit yourself to only the clients who walk into your store.
Product Solution
Keep better tabs on cash flow

We help simplify money management. American Express has the solutions to help keep you on top of your spending.
9. Focus on what makes you unique.

As you begin to automate processes and as you begin to delegate tasks to your staff, don't forget to ensure your defining characteristics are preserved. It won't do you much good in the long run if your product gets watered down into a generic version, the sort of thing people can pick up anywhere. Assuming you've worked hard to brand yourself in a special way (you have, right?) you'll want to make sure that's baked into every automated process. You can't sacrifice quality to simply churn out more. Part of making money while you sleep depends on your existing customers remaining loyal, and the best way to ensure they do is to continue offering outstanding service.

I won't pretend that it's easy to wake up richer than you were the day before. We all know how grueling it is to start and grow a business. But there's a silver lining to the storm cloud holding all the hours you've invested in your company. Once you've grown your business to a certain point, once you're successful and thriving, you can find ways to make money while you sleep.

If youíre wondering how to make money while you sleep, it may require some out-of-the-box thinking. It may require a little more work at the outset. But it's so worth it. Once you automate some processes, once you delegate some responsibilities, once you've positioned yourself as a leader and a teacher, then you've taken critical step toward freeing yourself from the constraints that require you to personally manage everything that happens in your company. With that freedom you can explore other income-generating options. You can enjoy some well-deserved time off. Whatever you choose to do with the time you free up, you'll be able to enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you're bringing in revenue no matter what Ö even if you're sound asleep.
Learn how to earn money everyday online to reach financial freedom

Weíve talked about side hustles to make two and three hundred dollars a day but this video is going to be for the big money.

Iíve got two more side hustle ideas that anyone can use to make over $500 dollars a day including one that builds on itself every single month. Not only will these two passive income hacks help you earn money everyday but youíll be able to start from home.

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How to Reach Financial Freedom with Your Side Hustle Ideas

I AM EXCITED for this video. Weíve covered four side hustle ideas in our three-video series, ways to make $200 and $300 dollars a day online but Iíve saved two of my favorite for this one. That survey of monthly income of community members a few months ago, it should that a third of our Letís Talk Money community here on YouTube is living on less than two grand a month.
monthly income survey

I am 100% confidant that there is something in these three videos that will change that for every single one of you. One or two side hustle ideas you can use to make hundreds a day whether itís just to make extra cash or to create that work from home dream and the financial future you deserve.

So Iím excited. This is LIFE CHANGING stuff here. If you havenít seen those other two videos, check those out because I guarantee there will be something in this series that will make you money!

Watch the first video Ė Two Easy Ways to Make $200 a Day Fast!

Watch the second video Ė How I Make $300 a DayÖEVERY SINGLE DAY!
How Long Does it Take to Make $500 a Day?

Making $500 a dayÖevery day is equal to about $10,000 a month income. Thatís more than 80% of households make so itís probably not something youíre going to do overnight.

But it can be done and faster than you might think! For example, it took me just over four years to grow my online business to making $500 a day through the blogs, YouTube channel and other income sources. Thatís four years working full-time building the business.
Blogging Income for 2020
Blogging Income for 2020

But that doesnít mean itís going to take you that long to create your own $500 daily income stream either.

With the two online business ideas Iíll show you next, you can reach the same level in less than a few years. Iíve seen online entrepreneurs build a six-figure business within two years but 36 months seems to be a little closer to the average.

How is it possible to grow a $500 daily income so much faster? Thereís a lot more known about creating online businesses than when I started in 2014. Youíll also have the benefit of reading about mine and othersí mistakes rather than learn the hard way.

Thatís going to mean youíre able to grow your own income stream faster.

Even if it does take longer though to build your online business. Itís not like that time spent is wasted either. By the time I reached the $500 a day mark in income, I had already made over $212,000 on the businessÖwhich isnít a bad income over a few years starting from scratch!
How to Make $500 a Day with Local Blogs
make money everyday with a local blog

Our first side hustle to make $500 dollars a day is creating super-niche videos or blog posts around affiliates and local business.

We talked about a great affiliate strategy in our first video, how to make $200 dollars a day, and this one is going to be another easy way to make money with a video or blog post. In fact, you could actually use these two systems together to boost how much you make.

So we know that affiliate marketing is just going to a website like CJ affiliates to find a company you can promote. Youíll get a link you can put in a video or blog post, if someone clicks on that link and buys the companyís product, you get a commission. Now we saw in the first video how to use this to create an income stream of $2,700 a month with just one affiliate.

The problem with this income stream has always been, how do you get people to see your blog post? Most of your traffic as a blogger comes from Google so how do you rank on the first page of the search engine to get those 10,000 visitors we used in our example?

For example, if you were trying to make money off that tax preparation product. If we do a search on Google for Tax Prep Services, this is the first page we see. The first two results are advertisements so the companies paid to be in the top spots and for this keyword, these ads cost the companies $8.10 every time someone clicks on them. Scrolling past the ads, all you see are huge websites like PCMag, H&R Block and Walmart.

Anyone in blogging already sees the problem here. You will never outrank Walmart or H&R Block for this keyword. I revealed five SEO strategies to help increase your Google rankings in our build-a-blog series but I guarantee you, these companies have spent tens of thousands of dollars minimum to get these pages to rank where they are.

So we know that we need an affiliate strategy that gets around this, some way we can rank our blog post towards the top of Google to get those clicks that will make money. And the answer is in the super-niche.

This means going really specific with the keywords and products weíre targeting. Instead of trying to rank for that ĎTax Prep Servicesí letís see what we find when we search for ĎSmall Business Tax Services in Tampaí. Thatís going to be a decidedly easier search to rank a blog post. We see a few local tax accountants, the site Thumbtack and the Google map but none of these pages will be particularly hard to outrank.

In fact, you could literally get your blog post to rank for this easier keyword in less than a week and start getting traffic. Now there are obviously fewer people searching for Small Business Tax Services Tampa than there are Tax Prep Services but whatís the use of writing on that big, broad idea if nobody sees it?

The idea here is to write a blog post about a super-specific topic that people are going to see, click on your affiliate link and make you money.

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How to Set Up a Local Blog

Iíll walk you through how to set this up, how to pick a keyword thatís going to be easy to rank on Google, and then show you how you can make money from this.

Your keyword idea is going to start with your affiliate or the local business youíre promoting. So letís stick with that example, say we have a few links to tax filing products like TaxAct or TurboTax. Then you want to think about all the people, all the groups for which this product helps. For the tax software, that would be individuals and business owners.

You can go even more specific in each of these, for example different types of businesses so maybe bakeries or electronics or retail stores. Finally, like we did in the example, you can add locations on to the targeting as well.

What weíre doing is making a list of keywords we can target that are going to be so specific that there will be very little competition. The beauty of this technique is that you can actually write multiple blog posts, all pretty much about the same thing but written just a little bit different to target the separate keywords.
niche blogs to make money everyday

So you might write five articles with basically the same information but just different enough to be a new article. Youíll be able to write each of these up in less than an hour each and see instant blog traffic to each post.

There are actually two ways you can approach this to make money. You can go the affiliate route that we talked about, so creating that article or video and then using your affiliate link to make money. OR since your post is going to be very specific, usually to a specific location as well, you can also do this fee-based for local companies.

After maybe one or two of these for affiliates, youíll be able to see from the Google Analytics data for your blog how many people are visiting your page and you can use a plugin like PrettyLink to see how many people click on your link.

For example, I did a video for the investing research site TipRanks that got 3,583 views and 362 people clicked to that site in the first two weeks alone. Thatís more than 10% of the people that watched the video clicked through to learn more about the company.

Thatís your sales pitch! You can now go to local companies, say I can help advertise your product and this is how many potential customers I can bring you. That kind of certainty is money in the bank and youíll get hundreds of dollars upfront for each video or blog post you write.

Again, I want to point out that you shouldnít accept just any company that will pay you to make a blog post. You donít want to destroy your credibility or push away your community by promoting bad products. For example, I talked about TipRanks because I use the information they put out for research.

Click to reserve your spot at the FREE YouTube Quick-start Webinar! Iím sharing three strategies that helped me grow my YouTube channel and double my business income and I guarantee they WILL work for you. Seats are limited for the webinar so make sure you reserve yours.
Make 500 a Day with a Membership Site

Our next side hustle idea, and I love this one for that recurring monthly income, is setting up membership sites.
make money everyday with a membership site

A membership site is just like a blog except people will pay you monthly for access to the content, forums and exclusive downloads. With so much free online, I know this one sounds hard to believe but I have friends that make thousands a month by charging for access to their website. In fact, I make just under a thousand a month on a small self-publishing site that costs $49 for membership.

The trick here isnít that your information is any better than whatís already available. Youíve obviously got to provide some quality information through articles, checklists and tutorials but Iíve yet to see a membership site that had information that was truly unavailable anywhere else.

No, the value in a membership site is the personalized support and the idea of making it a social platform. People will join your site if they feel like itís a customized experience for their needs and theyíll stay for months or even years if they feel a connection with the other members.

So letís look first at how you set up a membership site and some ways to get members, then Iíll show you how to make it special so people will want to sign up.

Setting up your site is actually the easy part. Youíll have your main blog or website, and this is something we talked about in that build-a-blog series, but then youíll get a plugin like MemberPress or MemberMouse that will add membership site features. So your blog will still be available to the public but then youíll have a password-protected part that will only be available to members.

Within your membersí area, youíll have a forum where everyone can talk and exchange information. You can post premium articles for people to read and downloadable content like handouts or checklists. Another great addition is a weekly or bi-weekly mastermind call where everyone meets virtually on Google Hangouts to exchange ideas.

Through your free blog is where youíll get a lot of your members because people visiting your site will be able to see that thereís a restricted area. You can create a page advertising your membership site that you send these people when they click on one of the restricted areas of your member site.

Another way to get members is through an affiliate program, so the other side of the affiliate marketing strategies weíve been talking about. Here you would sign up other bloggers or influencers to promote your membership site and theyíd get a commission for every new member they send. You set this up easy through any of the member site plugins and you only pay when you get a new paying member to your website.

Like we talked about, getting people to join your membership site and stay is a matter of making it feel customized and social. This means creating as much interaction as possible in the member areas. So youíve got the forum where members can ask and answer questions.

Another great idea is to have a mentor program where you and some of the senior members can guide new people. You can offer mentor members a discount for incentive on this. You can also add videos to your member area to give that face-to-face feel. Itís all to the point of making this a personal and social experience for members that will keep them coming back.

Most membership sites Iíve seen charge between $15 to $99 a month. For example, I charge $49 on my membership site but Iíve seen a few that get as much as $300 a month. The more expensive sites tend to have higher turnover, so people come and go more frequently, but then again you only need a couple of months at $99 to make more than you did all year at $15 a month.

One option is to have different pricing levels or start with a lower monthly fee but then offer add-ons like the bi-weekly mastermind call. This is a great way to bring in members at a lower price but still make more money with the add-ons.

The great part about this member site model is that the income is recurring. Youíll have some turnover of members but youíll get into that groove where youíre picking up new members every month to make up for the ones that leave. That means consistent income every single month that can easily be in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.
how to earn money everyday online

Either of these business ideas can make $500 a day but like weíve talked about with the other ideas, the beauty of these is that you can combine them to build your business. You can have a local affiliate site that feeds into a membership model along with other online ideas weíve talked about.

Donít miss those other four side hustle ideas including one way to hack Amazon deals and how I make over three thousand a month on YouTube alone. Used together, these work from home ideas will help you make money everyday and will build passive income for life.
This is much, much better than staying awake worried how you'll make a buck.

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Do you remember in the past we were warned to be careful about being in debt because interest never stopped charging us, interest never slept, never took a day off, never took a holiday. Well the reverse is true, as well.

Is your money making money while you sleep? Does it sound too good to be true? Since we still live in the age of the internet, itís not that difficult to earn extra money on the side.

With that in mind, here are 11
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Passive income is income that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain. It is called progressive passive income when the earner expends little effort to grow the income. Examples of passive income include rental income and any business activities in which the earner does not materially participate.

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